US and UAE flag flying next to each other

United for a Better Future

With shared interests and common values, the UAE and the US work together to promote regional security, create economic prosperity and address pressing global challenges. 

Browse these pages to find the latest news and stories that highlight the scope of the UAE-US partnership – from security and trade to healthcare, sports and the arts. Together, the UAE and the US are "united for a better future."

United in Security

The UAE and the US are committed to preserving security and strengthening stability in the Middle East and the world. The UAE is a critical US ally, providing essential support for US troops, aircraft and naval vessels in the Middle East region. Beyond the battlefield, the UAE and the US are working together to counter violent extremism and block the flow of funds and foreign fighters to terrorist groups.

United in Prosperity

With one of the most open and innovative economies in the world, the UAE is a dependable and significant partner of the US. Since 2009, the UAE has been the US’ largest export market in the Middle East region. The US’ $11.68 billion trade surplus with the UAE in 2020 was its fourth largest globally. UAE-US bilateral trade exceeded $17.8 billion in 2020, supporting over 88,000 jobs in the US, across sectors like aviation, health care and infrastructure.

United in Outlook

The UAE and the US share a future-oriented outlook based on inclusion, gender equality, diversity, educational advancement and the promotion of arts and culture. Cultural, educational and medical exchanges between the UAE and the US are spurring innovation and inspiring creativity while connecting the people of both countries.

Message From Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba

Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba is proud to represent the UAE-USA United Campaign. As UAE Ambassador to the US, he plays a prominent role in strengthening UAE-US relations, as well as promoting religious tolerance and inclusion worldwide. Read Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba’s inspirational message of hope and unity.

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