Dr. Michael Bates

When Dr. Michael Bates first welcomed a delegation of UAE diplomats to the campus of Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin School (NDCL) in rural Munson Township, Ohio (thirty miles east of Cleveland), he knew this would be an eye-opening experience for many of his students. But, after traveling to the UAE and continuing to work closely with Emirati partners, he’ll tell you that his experiences brought light to his understanding about the world and the possibility for peace.

Dr. Bates, who is the President of NDCL, first worked with the UAE Embassy in Washington, DC to bring together students, teachers, administrators and community members for a special screening of The Peace Visit, a National Geographic documentary highlighting Pope Francis’ historic visit to Abu Dhabi. After watching the film, students at the Catholic school broke bread with Emirati students and diplomats and learned more about their respective cultures.

Dr. Bates later had the opportunity to take some of his students to Abu Dhabi for a meaningful event marking the one year anniversary of the Human Fraternity Document signing. Listen as Bates recounts special moments from his experience in the UAE.