Suzy Sikorski

Born in the US and based in Dubai, Suzy Sikorski is on a mission to share the UAE’s art history with the world. In 2016, Sikorski received a Fulbright scholarship to study the UAE’s then much-undiscovered art landscape. This kicked off a two-year journey of volunteering at galleries and interviewing and documenting the lives of pioneering UAE artists, often in their homes and studios. Locals began to affectionately know her as “the arts girl.” Sikorski ultimately created Mid East Art, a digital storytelling platform showcasing her video and text interviews with artists from the MENA region. Following her Fulbright, Sikorski remained in the UAE and today works as a specialist of Middle Eastern 20th & 21st Century Art at Christie’s Dubai. Hear Sikorski tell how a New Yorker fell in love with the UAE, the captivating minds that inspired her to dig deeper into the Emirati contemporary art scene, and the friendships she’s formed along the way.