Smiling woman wearing a white top and teal headscarf standing on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., with the Washington Monument in the background
Sarah Al Hosani

Sarah Al Hosani, founder of Khazaf for Fine Arts, crafts ceramics that display motifs inspired by the cultural traditions of the UAE.

Woman in black headscarf holding an American flag printed woven bag, in front of a display wall with other handmade woven bags and baskets
Shamma Muhair Ghanim Al Qubaisi

Shamma Muhair Ghanim Al Qubaisi is an artisan and basket weaver who draws inspiration from her ancestors, demonstrating how her craft has been passed down over the years.

Man wearing a hat and sunglasses holding a record album, standing in front of two shelves displaying records
Mohamed Jneibi

As an artist and archivist, Mohamed Al Jneibi collects photographs, music, and articles of Emirati artists that are shown around the globe to shed light on the artists that never got a chance to share their talent with others.

Man wearing a baseball cap and "Brooklyn" T-shirt smiling at the camera
Victor Sitali

Artist Victor Sitali has been hearing impaired since the age of three, but finds his voice in his paintings.

Woman with grey hair holding up a painting, standing in front of hand-painted tapestries
Zahidah Zeytoun Millie

Growing up in a sailing family, Zahidah Zeytoun Millie creates art that represents the intersection of Emirati culture and its environment.

A young girl smiling and holding a live falcon on her arm
Ayesha Al Mansoori and Osha Al Mansoori

Ayesha and Osha Al Mansoori, a mother-daughter falconry duo, are redefining what it means to be falconers.

Smiling man wearing a red head covering and a blue chef's apron standing in front of a tent with a crowd gathered underneath
Mommin Al Rawahi

By day, Mommin Al Rawahi works as an engineer in the oil and gas industry, but his real passion is cooking and barbecuing in an authentic Omani style.

Manea Al Kaabi, an Emirati Beekeeper
Manea Al Kaabi

Beekeeper Manea Al Kaabi knew from a young age that bees would play a large part in his life.

Two women in black headscarves sitting next to each other, with perfume bottles and essential oils on the table in front of them
Mona and Hiba Haddad

Mona and Hiba Haddad develop perfumes using traditional Emirati techniques that draw on personal memories.

Mohammed Mandi
Mohammed Mandi

Master calligrapher Mohammed Mandi, whose work can be seen across Emirati passports and on banknotes in the country, has a lifelong passion for art and Arabic calligraphy.

Two women in navy painters smocks standing in front of a colorful abstract mural
Hessa and Sara Al Zaabi

Sisters Hessa and Sara Al Zaabi grew up in a family of artists and cultivated their love for art while attending Zayed University.

Maitha Al Suwaidi
Maitha Al Suwaidi

Maitha Al Suwaidi expresses her stories, experiences and culture through art and poetry.

Man sitting in a chair on stage, singing into a microphone and playing acoustic guitar

Made up of three members from different cultural and musical backgrounds, instrumental trio NOON performs a distinct fusion of Middle Eastern and Western music.

Women in a white head scarf and blue apron standing in front of an art display
Azza Al Qubaisi

Often referred to as the UAE’s first Emirati jewelry designer, Azza incorporates local and sustainable materials in her work and is inspired by the deep roots of her heritage.

A smiling man standing next to a big canvas filled with black ink cartoon drawings
Abdulla Lutfi

Artist of determination Abdulla Lutfi’s love of art started from reading manga and cartoon books, which helped him develop his own unique artistic style.

A woman wearing glasses and a hat sitting in front of an art display on an outdoor table
Asma Baker

Emirati poet and artist of determination Asma Baker uses her voice and skills to advocate for people of determination and demonstrate her love for the UAE.